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The provision of custom AT (Assistive Technology) can be an expensive and complex process, requiring high levels of individually tailored solutions to meet postural, environmental and carer requirements.

written by   

Venesha Moodley
Astris PME Clinical Educator
(B.OT, Postgrad Cert in Clinical Rehab)

Research indicates that service delivery processes, quality AT available at affordable prices, awareness of solutions, training on use, follow-up services and infrastructure for maintenance and repairs are essential to optimal AT provision. At Astris PME, our team of specialists, partner with users, therapists and our inhouse engineer to provide durable custom solutions, effective follow up services and maintenance services to ensure safe continued use of AT.

Astris PME has been a key provider of bathroom AT solutions for adults and children for over 20 years. The range of bathroom products for children and adolescents include:

The Rifton Wave while simplistic in its appearance is well suited for low, medium, and high postural needs. The pelvic, trunk, and thigh supports together with the angle adjustment of the backrest and knee angle permits ease of supporting complex postures while providing stability to the seated or semi lying positions. The soft mesh fabric supports asymmetry of the posterior trunk creating comfort during bathing. Vary the height of the Rifton Wave by choosing the most suitable base. Options include a raised base with castors for ease of manoeuvrability or a tub transfer base to avoid bathroom modifications and improved manual handling.

                                   Picture2  1MM3453wave

The highly adaptable Rifton HTS is the ideal option for toilet training and to manage changing postural needs. Use the mobile version over the toilet or mount the seat directly onto the toilet. Change the overall seat to floor height, seat depth and backrest angle to match the postural and functional needs of the user, whether this involves showering, hair washing or managing sit to stand transfers.

01 HTS a   1MM8805Shower b  unspecified3BK0J2XM Copy

Research suggests that trialling individualised shower commodes prior to funding is problematic and is not reflected in assistive service delivery models (J.R Naylor & G.P Mulley, 1993).

Custom commodes have been part of our range of bathroom products since the early eighties. The available range of commode frame options and custom accessory options has evolved over the years while partnering with therapists and users to meet the highly tailored individual solutions. Currently, there are over 30 standard custom options and over 60 non-standard custom options applicable to each commode frame option, including the attendant propelled, self-propelled and tilt in space with manual or electric tilt function.




Our skilled team of Specialist Product Consultants will gladly assist with providing custom trial options. 

Call us on 1300 131 884 to arrange a trial. 


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Astris PME are Australia’s market leaders in assistive technology equipment for people of all ages and level of disability. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people by providing high quality products that are designed to promote independent and active lifestyles.

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