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Jenx 'Bee' Seat

Playful and gentle introduction to supported seating

The Jenx ‘Bee’ is a playfully styled seating system specifically designed to appeal to young children. Developed in conjunction with therapists and carers, 'Bee' offers the best in early intervention support in a gentle, bright, friendly way.

‘Bee’ provides an outstanding level of versatitlity with a comprehensive range of fixed and height adjustable bases, along with a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options.  This means each ‘Bee’ can be exactly tailored to the needs of any individual child. Adjustable back angle and tilt in space options alongside the ability to accommodate babies as small as 4 months right through to children of around 5 years, results in maximum functionality, flexibility and style.

Important features include: 

Pelvic Positioning: Pelvic stability is the cornerstone of achieving good posture and function in a seated position. Attention, concentration and functional ability in activities in nursery, school or home is helped due to both increased stability and the reduced effort the child has to make to maintain an upright, symmetrical postured. The hip belt with groin strap gives sound pelvic control with the added assurance that children cannot slip forward into sacral sitting.

Height Adjustment: The ‘Bee’ has a choice of four different bases to suit every environment and budget – from simple and affordable fixed-height options through to fully adjustable multi-height designs.

Foot/Leg Positioning: To gain optimal stable base in siting, the legs and feet of a child must be carefully positioned and supported. Angle adjustable footplates on the ‘Bee’ make it easy to select appropriate leg/foot angles whilst highly adjustable sandals mean that feet can be be placed to offer the greatest stability and to maintain a neutral let position. The long sitting conversion pad makes it easy to set up the seat for an instant switch between long sitting and conventional sitting without having to make any re-adjustments.


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