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Leckey PAL Chair

Position + Attention = Learning (PAL)

The PAL seat is designed to be a simple self-assessment product for children who need minimal physical support. It provides improved stability which helps reduce fatigue and allows the child longer periods of concentration and fine motor activity.

When children are posturally unstable, they end up using excess energy to maintain their stability and balance. This can affect how they function as there is little energy left over to concentrate on fine motor tasks, schoolwork, or even just to listen. If you are sitting down, with feet and elbows supported, your head (and therefore eyes) are steadier, your hands can freely move, and the quality and quantity of your written work is better.

PAL provides support using the same principles as all Leckey’s seating systems: pelvic stability, trunk and head alignment, and leg and foot positioning. Using 3 simple measurements, PAL can be easily prescribed.

Typically, children who will benefit from PAL have lower than normal muscle tone leading to postural fatigue caused by holding the seated posture against gravity. They also may have higher than normal or uneven muscle tone leading to postural fatigue caused by constantly correcting or “fighting” against it in the seated posture. Or they may need extra postural support and balance (given largely by the pelvic belt, laterals and tray) in order to improve their function.


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