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Spex Wonderseat

A Breakthrough in Rehabilitative Stroller Seating!

Introducing the Spex Wonderseat - an innovative masterpiece from the designers of the revolutionary Spex seating system!

Spex clinical seating technology as developed originally for wheelchairs, has been designed to suit one of the world’s leading rehabilitation strollers, the Bingo OT.

A special edition of Spex seating has been carefully developed so therapists can now provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex seating needs with the freedom of a stroller rather than a wheelchair.

The Spex Wonderseat provides a solution for paediatrics that’s never been seen before. For children with positioning needs where a stroller is the preferred option for the family, the Spex Wonderseat provides an optimum seating support designed to accommodate even the most challenging requirements!

Adjustable Seating - Adjustable Stroller
Spex Wonderseat combines perfectly with the innovative and modern rehab stroller – the Bingo OT. The adjustability of both the seating and stroller systems provides the maximum benefits for children with complex requirements.


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Astris PME are Australia’s market leaders in assistive technology equipment for people of all ages and level of disability. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people by providing high quality products that are designed to promote independent and active lifestyles.

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