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Kidwalk Gait Trainer

KidWalk enables children to be participants in their world, not as observers, thru hands free, self-initiated exploration. Independent, self-initiated movement is the key to developing cognitive, language and motor skills, learning spatial relationships, and exploring the world.

Mobility is essential for playful learning, social integration and also physical development. The Kidwalk assists children with severe disabilities to live out their exploratory spirit, play with other children and move about without the help of others.The concept of the walking aid is based on the normal motor development of a child. Early walking is also essential for the child's physical development: Delayed or faulty development can seriously impair the ability to walk later – or even prevent the proper formation of the bone structure (in this case especially the hips).

KidWalk helps support and accompany a child during its very first steps in our exciting world.  Not only does the Kidwalk provide stable pelvis and trunk support, it also permits walking with a largely natural gait pattern – at eye level with other children.

Kidwalk is appropriate for use with any client that fits within the size restrictions of the unit and has a need for a supportive device or ambulation. It is suitable for children aged approximately 5-12 with a maximum weight of 40kg (90 lbs). Common diagnosis for use of Kidwalk include (but not limited to) Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Down's Syndrome, Spina Bifida and many more.

Note: Kidwalk is designed for indoor and outdoor use but only on smooth surfaces. Please read the safety instructions in the manual before use.


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