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Kaye Support Walkers - Posterior

The range of Kaye Support Walkers are designed to make walking more energy efficient by improving postural alignment while the client is in the walker. Improved alignment also helps to delay or moderate secondary musculoskeletal impairments through the lifespan.

Kaye Posterior Walkers are designed to promote improved alignment and increase functional walking mobility for users. They place the support behind the user, requiring the person to adapt to a more upright posture while placing his/her centre of mass within the base of support of the walker. These walkers are intended for clients who need forearm and shoulder support in order to maintain an upright alignment for walking. Forearm support aids thoracic extension (upper trunk posture) by allowing weight bearing on the forearms with the elbows aligned under the shoulders.

A seat (optional extra) can be retrofitted to the frame. This provides a resting place for people who prefer this walker style but still want a seat. It folds up and down easily, is helpful to users who have low endurance or users who are in environments where they transition between walking and sitting often. 

Note: Seats should only be used when the walker is stationary. These should not be used as a replacement for wheelchairs, strollers, or similar devices. 

If you wish to purchase a seat  please call us on 1300 131 884.


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