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Malte Posterior Walkers

Malte is a versatile posterior walking aid. It encourages self-supporting, upright postures with body weight supported by comfy handles and a pelvic pelotte pad which keeps the torso upright.

The abducted frame design aids in walking and prevents oscillation to outward swinging; a directional lock facilitates directional stability.

Suitable for children from early support up to adolescence. Available in five sizes.

For outdoor adventures there's Malte Outdoor version which has larger wheels, suitable for any surface.  Drum and parking brakes provide additional security and it has an optional tilt guard that protects against tilting back.  The padded bench is there for rest stops and can be easily folded back to walk again.

Malte Outdoor is available in three sizes.


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Astris PME are Australia’s market leaders in assistive technology equipment for people of all ages and level of disability. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people by providing high quality products that are designed to promote independent and active lifestyles.

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