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The year was 1993. Just two years earlier, Timo had ended a 12 year period of entrepreneurship, making interiors for restaurants and banks. This due to the Finnish banking crisis, which put a complete stop to all building and refurbishing activities of banks. Doing product development in his free time, Timo discovered his ability to design and produce functional, adjustable products. Since he had the tools and machinery for woodworking, birch plywood was chosen as the main raw material. After being acquainted with the right people, the first units were sold. In 1996, Timoteos was incorporated, and Timo left the job at the hospital to once again be an entrepreneur. Timoteos has since moved from wood to materials better suited for the advanced level of products manufactured today. With the strong support of domestic and export partners, Timoteos has been able to continue developing and manufacturing assistive devices, making them easier to use and more functional with every step.

About Us

Astris PME are Australia’s market leaders in assistive technology equipment for people of all ages and level of disability. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people by providing high quality products that are designed to promote independent and active lifestyles.

Accredited NDIS Provider 4050059296

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