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The war in Ukraine has prompted a massive outpouring of support around the world. In a time of great need, Astris PME has joined the growing number of local and international businesses and charity organisations to help provide humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine and neighbouring countries who have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves and their country.

As we are all aware from news reports, the number of casualties and atrocities continue to rise, with hospitals and social services struggling to meet demand.  Thousands of people lack the fundamental basics of life – adequate food, clean water, shelter and medical care. In response to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has launched Operation 322, to deliver emergency food and personal care supplies to millions of people displaced by war and violence in Ukraine.  RRT volunteers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden have come together with a goal to raise £250,000 but smashed this target in just 20 hours of going live.  This meant the operation could be upscaled to ensure more Ukrainians get the assistance they need. With essential food and personal care products in high demand, RRT is loading trucks with Food Boxes filled with non-perishable food items, Care Kits equipped with personal care products, Baby Care Kits containing formula and nappies, bottled water and blankets. RRT are committed to sending 2 to 3 trucks per week for the foreseeable future to support refugees and people who have been displaced, providing aid to those affected by this ongoing tragedy.  

As part of this fund raising effort, Astris PME has donated $10,000 which will be used by local charities to aid with the ongoing response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis with funds that are vital for supplies, medical attention, and shelter. 

We sincerely hope the people of Ukraine continue to find the strength, resilience, and courage to continue and that the international community continues to raise much needed funds to support them at this critical time.

To find out more about RRT and Operation 322

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 Image: Image courtesy Visar Kryeziu/AP/dpa/picture alliance






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