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Spex Comfi Back Support

Skin breakdown is most often caused by three combined extrinsic factors: Pressure, shear and moisture. The Spex Comfi back support foam system was developed to provide a simplistic and affordable approach to basic contouring needs while coupling this with Air-Flow technology.

Comfi Back Support comes as standard in a full-height Spex-style shell, with outer breathable cover. Can also be scripted to suit the Vigour range of back shells.

Suitable for less mobile clients requiring a high degree of comfort and moderate contouring support or for geriatric users who need comfort, minor shaping and pressure-relieving back surface. Comfit has been designed for the individual who requires a solid back support to assist with mild to moderate postural needs and is ideal to assist clients who may need pressure relief in identified areas. The cut grid shape and configuration creates a mild suspension effect which provides comfort and increases sitting tolerance.


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